Who is CWB Ink Seps LLP?... And What is CWB??

About Us

CWB Ink Seps is a joint venture of Total Ink Solutions and Advanced Tshirts, combining the most advanced silkscreen ink technology with best in class silkscreen image processing and color separation technology to provide an end-to-end silkscreen printing system. 

Based on the revolutionary patent-pending CWB Color Model, the CWB Ink Seps software does 2D silkscreen graphics and full color separation in real time on your PCs graphics processor in a browser.  Ink Seps does 9-Channel separation specifically for the CWB Ink 9-channel pallet.

CWB Ink Seps is the only silkscreen color printing system that integrates a revolutionary color model with special ink and free real-time color separation software to produce brilliant photo-realistic accurate color matching prints.


CWB Color Model

The patent-pending CWB Color Model is the heart of the CWB Ink Seps System.  CWB stands for Color, White and Black.  The model describes all the colors in the complete visible light spectrum in terms of the percentage of C, W and B that make up a specific tint, tone or shade of a color, such that the percentage values of C, W and B always add up to 100%.

The color (or hue) is described in the model as C° -- the specific degree of the color within a 360 degree full spectrum color wheel. 

The 360 degree color wheel can be broken into an infinite number of specific colors. In order to provide a workable boundary for the initial implementation of the new color model in printing applications, we have chosen to divide the color wheel into equal sixths (60 degrees) providing a 9 channel (Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta, White, Black and Gray) color pallet. The CWB Inks use the most accurate available pigments to represent the 6 primary colors in the model along with brightest white, the darkest black and a middle gray (half black and half white).

Using this channel set, a specific C° is either made up of one of the base colors in the set, if C° matches the specific degree of that color, for example 0 for Red, or a mixture of two adjacent base colors proportional to the difference in degrees between the two adjacent colors, for example, Orange is half way between Red and Yellow and would be mixed as 50% Red and 50% Yellow. 

The model provides a mathematical representation of every available color in a complete visible spectrum as C° (0-360), C (0-100), W (0-100), B (0-100).  For example: 0,100,0,0 is fully saturated red.  The only rule is that the sum of C, W and B must equal 100.